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Cute Bits
Recent Entries 
21st-Mar-2011 02:39 am - CLOSED
 Hello Everyone I am closing down cute_bits  its gotten dead and ive gotten busy I just moved to Germany, I am in school and i have a 2 year old.. and I'm just trying to enjoy life right now with my husband. I may open back up one day who knows I like the name too much to give it up.. but you all will probably still find me making around in other places. Thank you to everyone you have been great..

and thanks to all the wonderful makers for being here! 
10th-Jun-2009 09:58 am - Feedback

If I have ever sold or made anything for you, I would love if you could leave me some feedback..Dont hestitate
to mention how you feel about me or the community or what you would like to see different
24th-May-2009 03:23 am - Maker Application
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Would you like to be a maker here at cute bits? Just fill out the form below comments will be screened
and just allow 2-3 days to hear back from me.
Currently not accepting stock Icon makers

23rd-May-2029 09:59 pm - Members Only

♥♥♥Just Join and wait to be Accepted♥♥♥
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